The fields of use for interim management are manifold. Whether it is to bring about a cultural change in the company or the implementation of a complex project: Expertise is required in many situations. Find out about typical mandates of our interim managers in their case studies.

Bridging Vacancies

Interim managers are often mandated to bridge existing vacancies. Due to their extensive experience and know how, interim managers are able to take over a management position immediately after being mandated. In addition, they offer valuable external input as they have a more objective view of the company and its processes. Our case studies show: The experts in our portfolio often serve not only as valuable resources. They also expand the company's knowledge base and often provide impulses for strategic changes. 

Change Management

Interim managers are mandated to initiate necessary changes. Internally new concepts and strategies cannot always be developed and established in a target-oriented manner. In order to exploit the potential for improvement it is reasonable to mandate an external expert for a limited period of time. Our case studies show time and again that interim managers can efficiently and quickly initiate change, increase productivity, improve processes, streamline organisations and bring companies back on track.