Companies have to make evolutionary leaps in order to secure or expand their market share and competitiveness. The use of interim production experts is increasing. offers companies the opportunity to select from an extensive pool of highly qualified, experienced production experts exactly the interim manager that matches their project. Cost savings, productivity increases, minimization of throughput times and optimization of results are central points of orientation for our interim managers in their daily actions.

Our interim managers are distinguished by outstanding social skills, bring about lasting changes and speak the language of small and medium-sized businesses. Contact us - we will support you in your search for a suitable interim managers who might be mandated as COO, plant manager or quality optimizer.


The reasons why a company mandates a COO, a plant manager, a quality manager, a ramp up manager or production and material planner are manifold. Find examples of production-related mandates successfully filled by below:

  • Establishment of a production site in Hungary [to the project]
  • Interim Maintenance Manager (m/f) [to the project]
  • Interim Production Management [to the project]
  • Operational Improvement Analysis in Poland [to the project]
  • Project management to increase OEE [to the project]
  • Operating management for a safety and insulating glass manufacturer [to the project]
  • Interim management of the production of an automotive supplier [to the project]
  • Introduction of "Lean Production" in a plastics processing company [to the project]
  • Interim Head of Product Management [to the project]
  • Plant management in process-oriented production [to the project]
  • Production Management Textile Industry [to the project]
  • Head of Quality Management [to the project]

How can support your production?

At you will find experienced production experts, quality managers, plant managers and lean production experts who will provide you with professional support in all your production technology matters. Benefit from our comprehensive competence in the successful search and selection of production experts. Meaningful online profiles of our accredited managers facilitate your search and selection.

Select highly qualified interim managers on or instruct us with the search and pre-selection. The managers accredited on have many years of dedicated production-related project experience and cover all facets of modern production processes.

Whether COO, ad interim production or plant manager or temporary lean management experts - with us you will find the manager who meets your individual requirements and delivers real added value to your company.