Accreditation procedure

Apply for your accreditation!

With an accreditation you are visible with your profile to our corporate clients and can be contacted and mandated directly. When applying for projects, we also give preference to your application. Accreditation is completely free of charge for you.

For your accreditation, we kindly ask for two things:

  1. Mention of three references
    • We ask you to name three referencees who can provide sufficiently objective reports about your expertise and previous activities. We prefer references from former clients and clients who can report on past projects and verify information from your CV.
    • The references will only be contacted by us when you explicitly authorize us to get in contact after a positive preliminary check of your CV (see below).
    • Once your references have been approved, we will first contact them by e-mail and ask for feedback as to when they will be available for a five to ten-minute telephone call.
    • Your references are only visible to us internally and the corresponding details only serve us once to make the reference phone calls.
  2. Upload your personal CV
    • Please upload a complete, current and meaningful CV.
    • For security reasons we accept only one document in PDF format
    • Please refrain from providing brief descriptions and provide us with full details, especially with regard to your projects and mandates in the past.

We check your accreditation request

Within the scope of the preliminary examination, we check your CV according to formal and content-related criteria to determine whether we can offer you accreditation on this basis - subject to the final decision after the creation of your profile and the telephone calls with your reference providers.

    Give us your references!

    Only after we have positively moderated your accreditation request do we ask you to release your references to us. Just write us a short e-mail or contact us via the support form. We will then first contact your referencees by e-mail and ask for feedback as to when they are available for a five to ten-minute telephone call.

    As referencees, we prefer clients from completed mandates in particular. Alternatively, we also accept referencees from other employment relationships, as long as they can provide objective reports on your experiences and competencies.

    In the reference telephone calls we would like to get an impression of your competencies and your applied expertise. We are particularly pleased with the statement of your referencees that they would mandate you again at any time because you have convinced them with your performance.

    Create your profile on!

    For interim managers, the path to the "Board of Excellence" begins with the creation of an online profile. In your applicant profile you have the opportunity to present your expertise, knowledge and skills as well as your professional stations and interim management projects in detail. To do this, simply fill in the fields provided.

    Please note that your profile should be up-to-date, complete and meaningful. The information in your profile should be at least as detailed and meaningful as the information you provided to us in your CV.

      We will finally decide on your accreditation.

      After positive completion of your accreditation, we welcome you to the circle of accredited interim managers by e-mail. From now on, your profile will be visible and mandatable for our corporate clients and you can apply for published projects. Additionally we prioritize your applications on current projects.

      You will continue to receive from us all project notifications informing you about current projects of our corporate customers. You can choose which project notifications you want to receive by functional area.