With interim-x.com we created a transparent and efficient market for interim management services. Lower transaction costs, highest quality standards, a better findability of interim managers. Fast and efficient staffing of projects is the cornerstone of our philosophy.

Martin Franssen Founder and Managing Director | Interim Excellence GmbH

The idea

The market for interim management has been highly fragmented with a large number of providers. The majority of interim management projects are acquired through the personal network. Approx. 30% are acquired through interim management providers. So far the internet is not systematically capitalised as a recruiting instrument for interim management.

This environment inspired Martin Franssen, founder and CEO, who himself worked as interim manager for more than ten years, to launch interim-x.com.

An independent online marketplace for interim management, with access only for highly qualified interim managers. A marketplace that is  very cost-effective for both, interim managers and companies. The idea turned into a business model that convinced well-known companies and highly qualified interim managers. interim-x.com was eventually launched in September 2013.

The Company

Interim-x.com, the new marketplace for interim management, is operated by Interim Excellence GmbH. The company was founded in October 2012 and is based in Munich.

Martin Franssen

Managing Director & Founder
  • Studied business administration in Giessen
  • Principal Consultant, Financial Services Division at PriceWaterhouseCoopers 
  • Director of Bank Organisation and International Projects, CC-Bank AG and CC-Holding GmbH
  • CFO of Economy.One AG
  • From 2002 to 2012 as an independent interim manager for various large corporations and private equity companies