General questions is a marketplace where supply and demand meet. In addition, we reserve the right to supervise the market and regulate access and control the match between supply and demand.

At, interim managers and companies also contract bilaterally and conduct contract negotiations without If you are mandated via, the company is your client.


After registering as an interim manager, you can quickly and easily apply for your accreditation online in your account. Simply follow the instructions after logging in.

Applications can only be submitted online. As a registered interim manager you will receive our project notifications by e-mail as soon as a new project is published. Click there on APPLY NOW and your application has been received by us after a few clicks.

You can also find current projects on our website in the Projects section. If you are interested in a project, please click on APPLY NOW.

Questions about prices & settlement of commissions

The use of is basically free of charge for interim managers.

We only charge you a commission of 15% of the project volume if you have applied for a project and you have successfully acquired the project.

If you are mandated after an application for a project, we charge a commission of 15% on the project volume, plus VAT if applicable. We calculate the project volume by multiplying the number of mandated days by the net daily rate you have agreed with the company.

Commissions are settled monthly. To do this, we ask you to forward the invoice you have sent to the company placing the order to us by e-mail. On the basis of the total number of days you have been with your client, multiplied by your net daily rate, we will then issue you an invoice, which we will send to you by e-mail. You then have a payment term of up to 50 days. Our commission invoices shall be understood plus the statutory value-added tax, if applicable.

For commission payments, you are granted a payment term of up to 50 days, calculated from the change of month.

Questions about accreditation

If you do not have any reference providers from past interim mandates, we will also accept reference providers from other employment relationships as an alternative. It is important that your reference providers can report sufficiently objectively on your performance and expertise.

Unfortunately, we cannot accept written references. For an accreditation we need in any case three meaningful reference givers, who can report sufficiently objectively about your achievements and your expertise.

For an accreditation we need in any case three meaningful referencees, who can report objectively about your achievements and your expertise.

If you do not have any referencees from past interim mandates, we will also accept such from other employment relationships as an alternative.

In order to release your reference givers for contacting by us, please send us a corresponding e-mail or contact us via the support form in the internal area.

We check every incoming accreditation request without reservation on the basis of the CV that we ask you to upload when applying for accreditation. Even though we regularly require experience as a freelance operative manager, there might be exceptions.

In any case, in addition to a current, complete and meaningful CV, we need three referencees. If you do not yet have references from freelance work, you can alternatively indicate persons from other employment relationships here, as long as they can report objectively on your competences.

Questions about applying for projects

We make a consistent pre-selection of all applicants in order to be able to present the most suitable profiles of applicants to the tendering companies. In addition to the information published in the project tenders, we also take into account requirements that have not been approved for publication by the companies.

As a rule, we forward between five and seven applications to the tendering companies after pre-selection. However, further applications may also be forwarded on request by the companies.

We cannot give any reasons for rejected applications in individual cases. In addition to procedural reasons, confidentiality obligations might also apply.