Today management consultancies deploy interim managers and name it sub-contracting or contingency staffing. The following aspects must be taken into account:

  • To what extent can consultancies make their personnel costs more flexible?
  • Does an intelligent staffing of external experts lead to an optimization of consultant fees?
  • On which topics can consultancies be active at the highest level without having the respective expertise inhouse?
  • How can a lack of capacities be compensated flexibly and quickly?

Interim project examples for management consulting

The reasons why consulting firms sub-contract freelancers are as diverse as the consulting mandates themselves. Find examples of mandates for interim managers below:

  • Project management (purchasing) to support a management consultancy 
  • Operational Improvement Analysis in Poland 
  • Project management to increase OEE
  • Project Manager for Metal Forming and Cutting Tools in the OEM Business 
  • Interim Project Management Toolmaking 
  • Redesign of distribution network & optimising the footprint of warehouses and logistic platforms 
  • Optimization of material flow 
  • Purchasing optimization for an automotive supplier
  • Senior Consultant (m/f) Sales Processes 

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