The Situation

The world market leader had identified significant potential for improvement in the operational and strategic quality management of a plant. The search for a new quality manager proved difficult - probably also due to the geographical location of the plant.

The Scope

The tasks were to maintain and improve operational quality management. Furthermore, a sustainable quality strategy should be developed and implemented. The binding goal was to "set the course" so that quality costs would be halved within two years. The project duration was set at approx. 6 months.

Dr. Kai Staiger

Unternehmensberater / Interim Manager / Dr.-Ing.

The Outcome

The fields of action were derived from an interview-based as-is analysis. Strictly according to Pareto, few but very effective fields of action were selected. Their interdisciplinary processing was strictly organized and monitored by quality management. Detailed key figures for measuring project success were agreed and reported weekly. During the final 9 months of the project, the quality costs have already been reduced by 40 %, which corresponds to an above-average project success. A permanent quality manager was trained for 2 months and successfully continues the quality strategy.