The Case

It is a start-up telecommunications company that offers a unique technology for corporate customers that allows them to make calls abroad at local rates. However, the ambitious targets were not achieved in the first three years and a restructuring was therefore carried out, which also affected the German subsidiary. As a result, a new managing director was hired and a works council was set up.

The Scope

The task of the Interim Senior HR Business Partner was to establish an HR function and to organise cooperation with the newly established works council as an "HR interface". The function of Interim HR Business Partner also consisted of supporting the new Managing Director in improving the working climate, which had suffered greatly from the restructuring, and in communicating with the central HR function in England.

The Client

Truphone is a global mobile network that operates its service internationally. It has headquarters in London, and offices in Australia, Germany, Hong Kong, Philippines, Poland, Spain, the Netherlands, Portugal, and the United States.

Wolfgang Leber

Diplom Soziologe, Interim Manager

The Outcome

  • Establishment of positive and effective cooperation with the works council
  • Establishment of a functioning HR administration
  • Solution of employee conflicts, representation of the company in several labour court cases
  • Separation of employees due to a further restructuring in 2016, negotiation of the social plan with the works council