The challenges of finding an interim manager

Interim managers are experienced specialists who need to be flexible and ready for action quickly. Recruiting is just as special as the demands placed on them. Not every company has the time, the contacts and the experience. There are three main challenges.

Time is money

Long application processes with complicated selection procedures and several personal interviews are a must for permanent employees. If you are looking for an interim manager, the long process is counterproductive. Often the temporary manager has to be available quickly, for example in the event of an unexpected change of personnel or absence due to illness. Such vacancies cannot be planned, but must often be filled promptly. In order to fill the gaps quickly, the selection process must be carried out quickly and still filter out the best candidate - after all, you have neither the time nor the resources to be tested by a number of managers before you have found the right one.

Experience you can rely on

Before a permanent position, you put the candidates through their paces to ensure that the person you choose meets the professional requirements and fits the corporate culture. When looking for an interim manager, however, you must be able to rely on the fact that the candidate you are looking for will work after a short familiarisation phase.

A temporary manager must reorient himself at every stage. He must work independently, contribute his expert knowledge and initiate processes. This requires many years of experience in the respective area of responsibility. Flexibility and empathy are also required. After all, not only technical know-how is important. The temporary manager must quickly fit into the team or fulfil his leadership role from day one. He must be able to communicate with company managers and employees alike.

Anonymity and discretion

In many situations where you need a temporary manager, it is better to remain anonymous. Reorganizations, restructurings or company crises are sensitive situations that a company does not necessarily want to make public in a tender. At a certain point, of course, you also have to make yourself known in an anonymous application process. This makes the discretion of the candidates you approach when looking for an interim manager all the more important.

Your benefits

Our offer

Significant Cost Saving

Recruit interim managers at attractive conditions. The renunciation of customary agency fees and the direct mandating of interim managers without the involvement of brokers leads to a substantial cost reduction for you.

Complete Anonymity

Whether restructuring, efficiency enhancement programs or a merger - the reasons for using interim managers are manifold and often sensitive. At you remain completely anonymous.

Wide-Ranging Expertise was founded in 2012. Since then, we have proven our expertise in recruiting interim managers for a large number of companies from a wide variety of industries.

High-Performance Search

At you can search specifically for the suitable interim manager for your projects. We have developed powerful search algorithms that will meet your requirements.

Fast Results

Complex recruiting processes in the search and selection of interim managers are a thing of the past with We offer a time-saving alternative for filling your interim management projects.

Highest Quality Standards

With our accreditation process for interim managers, we guarantee companies the highest quality standards. On, every accredited interim manager stands for excellence in his field of expertise.

Find the right specialist with, the marketplace for interim managers, supports you when you are looking for an interim manager in your company. On this platform, interim managers and companies meet at eye level. You can communicate and mandate directly with each other, a provider is not involved - unless you prefer our full service offer. Through the direct contact you can discuss details of the project quickly and easily and do not have to rely on third parties.

You open an account on with which you can create your own tenders and view our manager pool, depending on the account model. Depending on the functional area, we have between 3,000 and 5,000 candidates in our pool. We pre-select candidates according to their experience so that you can find a suitable candidate more quickly.

Accredited candidates: an excellent choice

You have to be able to rely on a temporary manager. Interim managers registered with us have the opportunity to be accredited. For this we check the CV of the candidates talk to former clients or employers. In this way, we ensure that only those managers are accredited who have convinced in the past in their field of expertise - so that you always have the best choice.

Invitation to tender or direct approach

Depending on your account, you have different ways to contact registered managers. You can create your own projects and managers will contact you if they are interested. You can make the tender anonymous - for example, you don't have to mention the company name. This ensures that you don't reveal too much in situations involving sensitive issues such as changes in the company. If you prefer to do without the tender, it is also possible to search directly for an interim manager in our pool.

No matter which method you choose: Unlike other providers, does not charge an agency fee for the placement of interim managers. You contact the candidates directly and conclude the contract bilaterally. If desired, you can of course also make use of our full service offer.

Experience, industry diversity and expertise - what distinguishes interim managers at

No matter whether your company is looking for interim managers in Germany, Austria, Switzerland or for worldwide deployment. At you are sure to find the right candidate for your project and your industry. Temporary company management, comprehensive project management, implementation of new strategies and efficiency increasing change management - offers temporary specialists and executives for all strategic company projects. Thanks to years of experience and expertise in the field of interim management, companies looking for project and interim managers on for a variety of industries will find what they are looking for:

Fields of application for interim management

  • Mechanical Engineering & Equipment
  • Automotive
  • Management consultancy
  • Engineering service
  • Medical engineering
  • Metallic pieces
  • Power industry
  • Textiles & Clothing
  • Construction sector
  • Plastics sector
  • Pharmaceutical industry

Of course, also has a wide range of other industries, experienced temporary managers, as well as project and interim managers. To give you an overview of projects in interim management that have been successfully brokered so far, we have compiled a selection here. Interim and project managers as well as executives were placed for the following projects: Project Management, Restructuring, ReFi & Controlling, Production & Technology,Marketing & Sales, Purchasing, Logistics & SCM and Corporate Management.

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