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The Chief Operations Officer is responsible for maximizing the revenue and quality of services from the core businesses of the company, which are, Industrial Maintenance and Projects. This position must focus on enhancing business performance of Maintenance & Projects with effective planning and risk mitigation.

The Company is a provider of industrial services in the oil and gas sector acting as a contractor in projects and maintenance work (shutdowns) with major companies such as Aramco and Sabic.


Business Strategy

  • Participate in developing and implementing a strategic plan that supports the businesses’ vision and goals; translates the strategic plan to staff to ensure support
  • Ensure organizational strategies are effectively implemented with timely progress towards strategic objectives
  • Allocate resources consistent with strategic objectives 
  • Participate with the CEO and other leadership team members in setting policies and determining strategies to meet or exceed revenue, profit, and cash flow commitments
  • Identify opportunities for new value creation

Sales Planning & Budgeting

  • Guide preparation and approve the annual sales budget and forecasts of the company with detailed sales target setting by business activities
  • Present the sales budget to the CEO and make sales strategy recommendations
  • Allocate and control sales budget among regions and activities and cascade to levels below
  • Uphold, safeguard and promote the organization’s values and philosophy and inspire employees to adopt the company's values and to realize the company's vision
  • Build and maintain a departmental structure, operating standards and practices that are responsive and adaptable to evolving business needs
  • Develop and implement a talent plan 

Stakeholder Engagement

  • Apprise the CEO of all-important issues and aspects of the organization performance, opportunities and market developments
  • Work with the CEO to ensure effective governance processes and committee structures to maintain engagement of all member companies
  • Manage and oversee the required interfaces between the organization and its shareholders, government agencies, employees and customers

Business Development

  • Design and implement a strategic business plan that expands company’s customer base and ensure its strong presence in the market
  • Develop and maintain extensive knowledge of the current market conditions and competitor activity by reading relevant publications and sector relevant articles
  • Actively pitch for contract renewal and ensure repetitive businesses from existing clients through regular interactions and ensuring high quality of project work
  • Maintain a steady flow of business pipelines and turn them into new contracts for achievement of business growth

Operational Management

  • Develop, implement and manage a business and financial plan that will provide stable sources of revenue to support short-term and long-term organizational goals
  • Ensure the businesses’ operating model is running efficiently and effectively 
  • Ensure that all financial and non-financial reporting requirements are met on a timely and regular basis
  • Be an integral part and driver of the strategic planning, budgeting and forecasting of business requirements and decision-making process

Project Management

  • Review progress to plan and adherence to timelines of all contracts under Industrial Maintenance and Projects and conduct course corrections wherever necessary
  • Meet with customers regularly to discuss project requirements, address customer concerns and ensure project alignment to customer needs
  • Attend regular meetings with team to discuss project progress and raise any red-flags if any by handling grievances or concerns in a timely manner


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Anforderungen & Kenntnisse



  • Master’s in relevant field, The candidate has ideally an engineering background. 
  • Certified in PMP or equivalent
  • Minimum 15 years relevant experience in COO, Oil and Gas or equivalent experiences:
    • Ideally experiences in developing and implementing business strategies in an industrial service and/or oils and gas sector or similar industries
    • Ideally operational responsibility and leadership experience in an industrial service and/or oils and gas sector or similar industries
    • Ideally General Management experiences incorporating business development activities in an industrial service and/or oils and gas sector or similar industries

  • Ideally experienced in complex high level Stakeholder Management in the region or similar cultural settings e.g. managing interfaces between organizations and its shareholders, government agencies, employees and customers


  • Net Profit and Revenue Growth
  • Market share of services offered
  • Outcomes of strategic initiatives
  • CSAT Scores and Customer feedback on Project Quality and timeliness
  • Business Development opportunities identified and converted to contracts
  • Employee Engagement of the team

Attrition rate of the team